Faith in a Conflicted World

Posted by Difference on January 24, 2022


We live in a complicated and messy world where there is fracture, division and conflict. We see it when we look around us – and when we look within us. Many of us long to make a difference, but often we don’t know how to respond or where to start.

Jesus inhabited a world just as complex and divided as ours. Rather than avoiding difficult situations, he was stepped into conflict and crossed divides that many others did not dare to question. This is what being a peacemaker is all about. Jesus tells us that peacemakers are blessed because ‘they will be called the children of God’ (Matthew 5:9) – peacemaking is in the DNA of the disciple. In a society that is polarised, divided and hurting, Jesus shows a different way is possible.

Together, we can be a generation living out our calling as peacemakers and reconcilers, pursuing a just and flourishing society. We believe this is the call on every human being. Difference is all about equipping us to follow Jesus’ call in the reality of our everyday lives and discovering the difference Jesus makes. Watch the first in Archbishop Justin’s film series to find out more.


“God has put us in this world to change it – to be different.” – Where do you most see the need for change?

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